Craziest Sexual Encounter
What is the craziest thing you've done sexually?  I'm pretty tame overall, always willing to learn and try something new.  Craziest though, stroked until I shot all over myself while driving on the interstate for a hot guy in a taller vehicle next to mine.

Poor guy almost ditched the car when i shot my load.  I was hoping he would follow me on my exit but he drove on Sad
Got kissed and sucked by an ex hot high school teacher
Had sex behind a church at nighttime. Behind the shed in the back, next to some woods.
What?? hahaha amazing!
I had sex with a porn star in New York... that was pretty crazy. I didnt know he was a porn star at the time though lol
I hooked up with a famous soap star in a hotel sauna at a hotel gym in NYC. That night I saw him receive an award on TV where he thanked his wife.
Probably my orgy lol
I had sex in school with my gf at the time

:/ it isn't that crazy
I was fucking a guy in my office and suddenly an office mate open the door and left.... one month later he wanted to hook up with me but he was straight, of course not anymore
I had sex in between two cars in an open parking lot... it was the most riveting feeling

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